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About Ethan


Ethan Thomas Dixon (He/Him/His) is a director and deviser. He attended Pace University where he received his BA in Directing and a minor in Peace and Justice Studies. He also studied at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. He enjoys creating work and collaborating with other artists, whether that is through a devised process, like his work on A Real Doll, or through collaborating with a playwright. 

​His work is political because our world and lives are political. He likes to get his audiences to address the

realities of our world, rather than shy away from it because he believes art can change lives, shape culture, and change perceptions. His goal is to pull back the curtain and reveal new perceptions to his audiences, or to energize the movements for change. He wants his audience to face reality, laugh, and come to new revelations where they can find beauty, strength, and excitement in fighting for what they believe in to craft a better world together.


He's especially interested in communities and how each audience is its own unique community at that moment, as well as how he can use his work to forge those communities and fight the injustices that they face, He explores this using audience interaction and participation in his work. As he tries to bring the audience into the fold of the narrative, he enjoys exploring how his worlds become fantastical and influenced by each and every person who interacts with the piece.


He is a collaborative director who encourages his fellow artists to be the best artists they can be. He remains open to new ideas and uses everyone’s unique identities, experiences, ideas, and styles. He creates a clear language with his collaborators on the work so as they build this world, they can build it together. He also takes a strong interest in the changes currently happening in the industry and strives to push against the status quo to create a more equitable industry and world.

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